It’s not easy to manage an office. But it does have its rewards and challenges. In order to ensure everyone has a productive, enjoyable work day, you must constantly deal with new challenges and pressures. It’s an honor to give that gift and something you take great pride in. You deserve to.

One of your key ways to impact your employees as an office manager is to improve and preserve the working environment. Employees deserve to be able to work in a clean, tidy, clutter-free environment. Many employees are at the mercy workplace conditions that they cannot control.

While most businesses require their employees to maintain shared areas, you weren’t employed to do so. A commercial cleaner can help relieve the pressure on your employees and keep your workplace clean.

This comprehensive guide will help you to hire a commercial cleaner. It includes information about the advantages of using a company to clean your office, where to look for them, what to do to get the lowest rates, and how to keep the company running smoothly.

The Benefits of Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

Before we discuss how to find a commercial cleaner to work for you, it is important to determine if outsourcing office cleaning will be worth it. We’ll provide recommendations later on how to keep this relationship simple, but for now, please consider the following 6 main reasons why you should hire a cleaning service:

1. A Better Working Environment

You can increase employee productivity and satisfaction by keeping your workplace spotless. Instead of wasting time scouring through piles and fighting over leftovers from breaks, you can make sure your employees are focused on the task at hand.

2. Experience and Expertise

Instead of entrusting the cleaning chores to a secretary, in-house cleaner or office manager, hire the professionals. The professionals know the best ways to clean and maintain a professional appearance. You’ll feel more relaxed and get a better clean when you hire a professional cleaning service.

3. Reliability and consistency

Instead of managing a rotating schedule or managing an employee who is sick, takes time off, or might move on to a new job, you can let the cleaning company handle all that. You can rely on your cleaning company’s team to be available at all times, no matter what the weather.

4. Germ Evasion

Although your workers may tidy up their work areas and take care of their trash, their minds are not focused on germ control or disinfection. High-bacteria areas will be cleaned by your commercial cleaners. You’ll feel protected, especially during flu and cold season.

5. Set it and forget it

It can be hard to plan a schedule when one of your relatives becomes the office cleaning lady. Judy is a part-time appointment setter and dog groomer. She might not have the time or availability to maintain your office’s requirements. You should instead hire a team of experienced cleaners that knows when they have to be there and will never fail.

6. Management of trusted vendors is easy

Online office management platforms make it easy to find a vendor that suits your needs. You can then use the software for scheduling and paying invoices. It’s that simple!

How to hire a commercial cleaning company

It can be difficult to know when the right time is for you to hire a professional cleaning service. If your office isn’t in dire need of cleaning and you don’t have anyone to help, chances are that there is a way around it.

You might have a rotating cleaning calendar that allows team members to sign up for specific tasks, or you may have someone who cleans your trash each Friday. You’re happy with the solution and haven’t gotten stressed.

These are the warning signs it is time to employ a professional cleaner on a regular basis.

1. Your team is too busy

You have a team that is small but has a lot of superstars. Your team is full of rockstars who can wear many hats. They thrive in busy situations. Your team won’t be able to thrive on their work if they are busy emptying trash cans or restocking resource stocks. Your brains are already consuming precious time in meetings and on other less productive tasks. This is enough reason for most businesses to employ a commercial team in order to reduce internal time.

2. The Current Cleaning Environment isn’t Cute

It doesn’t matter if you are unhappy with your current provider’s cleanliness or have other questions like availability or cost. You should make the move. Although it can be time-consuming to find a provider or company that is reliable and trustworthy, this will make up for lost time.

3. Congratulations! You need new space and rules.

It doesn’t matter if you are a startup expanding to new locations, an established remote business, or a company that is just opening a new location in your city. This is a great time to establish new standards and guidelines for how you manage your space. You can also let go of your existing cleaning staff or give your employees a break from cleaning the office yourself.

Cleaning Companies Offer Typical Services

You might be wondering what services a commercial cleaner can offer you if you have never used them before. The list of services offered by each provider is different so it’s best to inquire. Many providers offer an extensive list of services on their websites.

Cleaning services are most commonly offered by

  • Clearing and emptying trash
  • Bathroom cleaning and disinfection
  • Dusting surfaces
  • Mirrors, screens, and windows can be cleaned
  • Stocking up on paper and other supplies
  • Freshening and deodorizing the area

How to find a reliable office cleaning company

When you are ready to find an office cleaner, there will be new questions: Who do we hire? What are the best ways to find them? What are the best ways to determine if they will be a good match?

Eden’s Services Marketplace contains hundreds of highly-rated office cleaning businesses across the United States. Our team has already identified reliable businesses that have been recommended to us by office managers. You can request quotes from vendors and communicate with them all through our platform. Request a quote on office cleaning services by clicking here.

You can use services platforms like ours or search on your own to locate a cleaner for the office. Here are three tips:

1. Referrals (Word Of Mouth)

Reach out to other managers and employees in your office. It is a sign of a clean team and a great indicator that they are performing well. Those who give glowing reviews about the cleaning staff should also be taken into consideration. You don’t need a social network to ask questions or search for praises posted by other people.

2. Online reviews

For cleaning services near you, check out Yelp and Thumbtack as well as Google, Yelp, Angi and Thumbtack. You should filter by companies with at least a 4.0 average review – and then read all the reviews. Positive reviews should include praises for punctuality and attention to details, as well as exceptional customer service. Negative reviews are also important. While some may be written by disgruntled clients or former employees, most are very telling.

3. Advertisements

Google is a great search engine to find office cleaning services in your area. Be sure to pay attention to ads at the top search results pages. For ads from cleaning services in your area, you can refer to the Yellow Pages or local papers.